Expositions, installation, Peinture, Photographie
Art contemporain, artistes, Las Galerie, Paris
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Initiated by Lionel Aymeric Simon,

LAS GALERIE occupies an « appartment de maître » in a private mansion from seventeenth century in the Paris historical heart. Lasgalerie is dedicated to the discovery of original and impacting universes of Painters, photographers, sculptors, mixed media artist and performers. Lasgalerie likes to question and explore the interactions between media as for instance painting and photography. Sharing and promoting its choices, « coups de coeur », represent his main purpose and the engine of his approach. Katarina Kudelova, Mick Finch, Mauren Brodbeck, Régis Rizzo, Florim Hasani, Catherine Larré, Louisa Minkin or Michel Monteaux, all of them depict through their artistic process, specifics trends of art of today. Lasgalerie is everyday delighted to open its doors to all curious people and contemporary art lovers.